Payback 2015



Arnold Furious: We’re in Baltimore, Maryland. Hosts are Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

The WWE’s current PPV schedule is a bit of a joke. So far this year it’s been a poor Royal Rumble, highlighted by the company’s desire to do the opposite of what the fans actually want. An exceptional WrestleMania, which totally exceeded all expectations. And a string of filler shows that nobody, including the WWE themselves seem to care about. Payback is the latest in this string featuring poorly built matches with little upside. The title match sees the WWE putting all their eggs in one basket, although the addition of Dean Ambrose at least freshens up the title scene. Cena-Rusev has been raging for ages and the stipulation cripples this one before we even get underway. Rusev has been losing so much during this feud with Cena that he’s pretty much dead in the water. A reoccurring theme with WWE booking.

The rest of the card is a mix of weak stuff. New Day as tag champions, Ziggler-Sheamus again (with Ziggler completely dead after months of burials), Barrett vs. Neville (already the third match they’ve had and Neville only got called up a few weeks ago), Wyatt vs. Ryback (a mismatch) and two filler tag matches. One with the divas, who are worse than ever with the division built around the worthless Bellas and a joke match with Axelmania and Macho Sandow vs. the useless Ascension. Expectations are low. Very low.

Tangent: the “Mega Powers” got demoted to the pre-show. Ascension won.

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