Survivor Series ’92



Arnold Furious: The WWF’s 1992 state of constant flux had been in operation since SummerSlam, and they’d changed all their champions, with the WWF title having changed hands twice. First Ric Flair unseated Randy Savage as and then Vince McMahon panicked, and did a quickie belt change to Bret Hart on a house show. Bret had earned his shot to carry the company and the title change reflected the way the WWF was having to change, as it moved away from musclemen and towards workhorses. Two other top contenders, The Ultimate Warrior and former IC champ The British Bulldog, were both dumped because of steroid allegations. Bulldog’s IC title went to Shawn Michaels, another hard-working and talented midcarder. Because the WWF was running out of stars, they pitched these two workrate freaks against each other to main event Survivor Series. The steroid scandal had certainly shook up the WWF landscape. The tag titles also switched, not that anyone cared by this point, and Money Inc were the new incumbents. Essentially it was the best solution to a poor division and a placeholder until the WWF signed another team. That team was The Steiner Brothers. This show has several instances of the WWF trying to revive the tag division so that The Steiners couldn’t just walk into a title shot. We’re in Richfield, Ohio. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan.

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