Insurrextion 2002


Arnold Furious: While I may have been overly harsh on some UK PPVs in the past, I have discovered a few surprisingly good bouts during the recapping process in this book, but this one isn’t too good. I think a lot of the negative energy stems from this being a RAW-only PPV event, following the brand extension, so all the great talent over on SmackDown! isn’t allowed to be here. Apart from one guy. We’ll get to him in due course.


Tangent: The day after this show the WWF flew back to the United States and what an eventful plane journey it was. It was dubbed by industry insiders as the “Plane Ride from Hell”. Several altercations took place thanks to a mixture of alcohol and boredom. Curt Hennig was fired after instigating a fight with Brock Lesnar. The big man taking exception to Curt ribbing him about his amateur career and taking Mr. Perfect down at 30,000 feet. Perhaps not the smartest thing to do post 9/11 and I’m amazed both guys didn’t get slapped on the “no fly” list. Rumours soon flew around as to Scott Hall’s involvement as he too found himself out of a job just days later. However Jim Ross soon confirmed Hall slept through the flight and the issues stemmed from his condition during the tour. In other words; he was too drunk to work properly. I realise I’m skating on thin ice with that implication but Hall would be the first guy to tell you he wasn’t in good condition in 2002. Other incidents on the journey included Goldust drunkenly serenading his ex-wife Terri and X-Pac chopping off Michael Hayes’ mullet after the former Freebird had gotten into a drunken row with Bradshaw. Ross went onto his column the next day to describe the drunken minority as “children”. There’s nothing like bad PR to get the WWF cleaning house.


4th May 2002. Star Wars Day. We’re in London, England. Hosts are JR and Jerry Lawler. This show sold out in 21 minutes. If they’d known the card, tickets would still be available.

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