Brand Split Chaos: Cena To Appear On Both Shows

Last night on Raw, WWE showed a graphic announcing the return of “free agent” John Cena on the July 4 episode of SmackDown Live.

It’s a strange show for Cena to return on. WWE TV broadcasts on July 4 tend to have low ratings due to the holiday, so it is unclear why WWE are wasting what would surely otherwise be a ratings spike any other week by having Cena come back on that date.

The graphic is the first time that Cena being a free agent has been mentioned, which has naturally led to much speculation about his future. It seems clear that WWE would not promote Cena’s newfound status if it did not mean something.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Cena will be transcending the brand split and appearing on both Raw and SmackDown Live. This is obviously a response to the tumbling ratings – Cena is the only real numbers mover on the roster.

Of course, having Cena appear on both shows completely destroys any semblance of perceived competition between the two brands, bastardising the idea of two rival shows battling for supremacy. WWE did this last time they split the brands and the result was a watered down mess which eventually failed. If the company do not handle Cena’s brand bouncing correctly then this incarnation of the split will go the exact same way.

What a shame, they were doing so well with it too.

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