The Wrestling Classic

Arnold Furious: The WWF often toyed with ideas based around the ‘tournament’. WrestleMania IV was a concept show based on a title tournament, as was Survivor Series in 1998 and of course the WWF created a yearly tournament PPV called King of the Ring. But before all of that, they figured a tournament would be a good way to get people interested in a one-off show. Hence, the Wrestling Classic. Although I might add the first King of the Ring took place in July 1985 it didn’t have the same fanfare until it became a PPV event. The line up featured a frankly outrageous number of participants (16) plus a bonus WWF title match pitting champion Hulk Hogan against his nemesis from the whole Rock N Wrestling angle and WrestleMania I; Roddy Piper. Both the title match and the tournament were selling features as the WWF looked to capitalise on WrestleMania and put out another big show before 1985 was out. It was intended to be a yearly event but ended up as a one-off. We’re in Rosemont, Illinois. For those who don’t know, Rosemont is right by Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Essentially it’s a Chicago show. Vince McMahon introduces the video and joins Alfred Hayes, with a model (Suzanne Volante) he’s ogling, to show us the bracket. Vince throws to various wrestlers drawing opponents. Savage isn’t happy with Elizabeth’s selection. Hosts at ringside are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura. The latter, once again, sporting a sparkly pink jacket.

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