Fastlane 2016



Arnold Furious: Last year’s Fastlane was a filler PPV in between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania with the sole purpose of forcing Roman Reigns down the throat of the WWE Universe. Let’s see how much Vince McMahon has learned in the past twelve months shall we?

I’ll give you a clue; the answer is zero.

We’re in Cleveland, Ohio. Hosts are Michael ColeJBL and Byron Saxton. The best part of the marketing for Fastlane (aka Brmm, Brmm Racing Cars the PPV) is they’ve finally found something Eva Marie can do. Which is wave flags around while looking hot. One interesting thing of note regarding the announce teams; they’ve got a German team out there including the evergreen Carsten Schaeffer. He’s worked for WWE for a very long time.

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