Royal Rumble 2000

WWF Tag Team Championship
The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Acolytes
This is a bit of a nothing match, as the WWF had little interest in putting the titles on the Acolytes, and it really only exists so Road Dogg can do his pre-match sing-a-long with the champs bit. The WWF had made it clear with the tables match what the future of the division was. Highlights here include Bradshaw treating Billy Gunn like a cruiserweight jobber and Faarooq doing Road Dogg’s shaky dancing routine. Billy takes the Clothesline from Hell and Faarooq should finish with a spinebuster on Road Dogg. Gunn saves the titles by pulling the ref out of the ring. Double powerbomb on RD and X-Pac runs in to once again save the belts. Faarooq gives him a spinebuster too only for Billy to catch Bradshaw with a Fameasser to retain. Very quick filler match, but all good fun and constant action.
Final Rating:


Video Control gives us Road Dogg’s exclusive rhyming promo about getting their asses kicked but still being the C-H-A-M-P. After that we move onto shilling the WWF Title match, starting with Hunter beating Big Show with a Pedigree for the title. Next up the McMahon-Helmsley faction fire Mankind, so the Rock gathers the entire locker room together to have him reinstated. Hunter promptly beats the crap out of Mankind and Pedigrees him through the announce table. Not a good build for a PPV? Having the challenger get squashed every time out? Quite. But Mankind wasn’t getting the shot. “I think the fans deserve a substitute in that match. I think you know the guy (takes mask off) his name is CACTUS JACK”. God, I love that moment. Mick’s characterisation and switch from the feeble minded Mankind to the hardcore icon Cactus Jack is a thing of beauty. It only worked because of how well Mick had constructed the two characters.

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