Survivor Series 2000



Arnold Furious: For all my praise of 2000, and the booking, it does suffer from a sour aftertaste where the storylines went somewhat off the rails toward year’s end. This is mainly because of a change in creative where the outgoing Chris Kreski, blaming stress and overwork, was replaced by in-house ideas person Stephanie McMahon. While I’m writing this I can actually hear your collective groan while reading it in the future. That’s how powerful it is, people. Steph’s ideas mostly circulated around love triangles and world famous wrestlers being infatuated with her and her family. The booking on this show is so irritating it may be a rough ride for both me, the viewer, and you, the reader, as we both have to tolerate a series of half-baked ideas and booking disasters. Oh, and Triple H is the centre of the wrestling universe. But you knew that already.


We’re in Tampa, Florida. The opening PPV plug, normally a collection of snippets, promos and shills, is a Triple H promo and that’s it. That about sums up Steph’s creative focus. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

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