Rebellion 2000



Arnold Furious: With these UK-exclusive PPVs the WWF essentially filmed a glorified house show and then charged Sky Box Office customers cash for it, while UK viewers were getting the major US shows for free. They did this over and over again. The only good thing about these shows is that they provide an interesting snapshot of a certain time. This one happens to fall in between Survivor Series 2000, where Steve Austin got a measure of revenge on Triple H for the hit and run attack the year prior, and Armageddon 2000, where all the WWF’s top tier guys fought in a Hell in a Cell for the WWF Title, with the title becoming more important than Austin’s need for revenge. According to the back cover of Rebellion 2000 it “set the stage for Armageddon 2000”. The only way that can be is if Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit on this show was considered a “decider” as to who would join the six-man main event at the show. The other four competitors, plus HHH, were the same guys in the main event here.


We’re in Sheffield, England. Hosts are Jim Ross and Tazz. Video Control takes us backstage to see Mick Foley and Debra arrive via black cab. The crowd is incredibly hot and greet us with a sea of signs.

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