Survivor Series ’96



Arnold Furious: Fans in the UK often don’t give this show the credit it deserves. I daresay it’s because it aired on a several day delay on the then-new Sky Sports 3, and was VERY heavily edited to fit a 3-hour slot, with the Undertaker-Mankind match getting about 4-minutes and the Bret-Austin match losing 10-15 minutes, with both matches having ad breaks in the middle of them to account for the clipping. The response from fans in Power Slam magazine was overwhelmingly negative, because while Sky had begun showing PPVs live in ’95, this got the shaft because the England cricket team was on tour in Australia and thus needed the all-night slot since it got bigger ratings, and Sky Sports 3 used to close at midnight. But, I love this show. For years I had a copy taped off TV that I played over and over again. I eventually had to buy a copy because I wore it out. Not even from watching the entire show, but rather watching Austin vs. Bret. I watched that match more than any other during this era, including their WrestleMania 13 rematch that other people seem to prefer. When it came to claiming stuff for Volume #4, James tried to barter with me to get Survivor Series ’96, that’s how great this show is. The vibe of the show is that something special is going to happen. Some shows have an atmosphere to them before they even begin. Survivor Series ’96 is one such show.


We’re in New York City at Madison Square Garden, the home of professional wrestling. Hosts are Vince McMahon and Jim Ross. The following match is from the pre-show Free For All:


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