Rampage Bercy ’93

Crush vs. Doink the Clown
Sadly for Doink, his big trick fails to materialise as he hides under the ring and attempts to attack Crush from behind, but Crush is finally wise to his games. I don’t understand how simple little things like that ever got lost over the years, things like making your babyfaces smarter than their heel foes, but somewhere along the way, they did. Anyway, this kind of follows a similar formula to the first match (although the characters couldn’t be more diametrically opposed of course), as when they’re actually being physical, they’re working really hard but the second they slap on a hold, the action just drops off completely. I guess the motto for this show is “work hard, rest hard”. Still, Doink working over Crush’s leg is perfectly sound, given that if Crush can’t stand then he can’t throw Doink around, even if it’s not exactly high octane stuff. Crush at least makes his comeback using his good leg when Doink misses a splash from the top, and a big boot over the top leads to Crush slapping on the Cranium Crunch (head vice) with Doink still on the ring apron. The referee makes him break that and Doink just walks out on the match. Wow, so much for Crush’s great revenge. It’s not like the Crush-Doink issue ever really got a blow-off of any kind, so I don’t see what the point of doing such a deeply unsatisfying count-out finish was there.
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Meanwhile, The Nasty Boys are where it’s at, apparently. Hauray is dumb enough to ask them if they’ve got any strategy tonight so they give him a Pit Stop.


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