Survivor Series ’94

Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. Razor Ramon, British Bulldog, 1-2-3 Kid & The Headshrinkers
One hell of a line-up for the opener. Shawn has been doing most of the talking for his team but I think Jarrett is supposed to be the captain. They come to Diesel’s music but have Shawn’s new-found pyro. Samu is injured and has been replaced in the Headshrinkers by Sione (The Barbarian). Discounting him and Neidhart; everybody is great in this match. You’ll notice I’m including Nash in that statement, as at the time he was massively motivated and less than a week away from a WWF title win. Anvil disappoints me by tagging in to prevent Owen vs. Kid in a repeat of KotR ’94. Kid and Jarrett run some great stuff instead, and the match is extremely energised from the get-go. Basically everyone in the match believes they should go at a fast pace because there are ten of them and the tags should keep the action going. Owen and Davey run some sequences, and they’d have a phenomenal ***** classic in a few years over the newly minted European title. Owen used his familiarity with other Hart family members to have great matches and Bulldog had that power to provide contrast, without it hurting the speed of the encounter. Fatu was fantastic, at the time, but they saddled him with a dumb savage gimmick who doesn’t like wearing boots. Jarrett makes Razor his bitch on the mat, which is Ramon’s weakness. After all, Bret took him apart on the mat. Razor opts for a big punch instead and another for Dies on the apron. This leads to Shawn talking to Diesel and calming him down. Basically saying “trust me and we’ll win this”. The opening 10-minutes has been a barnburner and yet neither Shawn nor Diesel has been inside the ring. I love 1994-95 Jeff Jarrett; he was eager to get over and wrestled like a twat. Just a perfect heel. He grates at everybody’s nerves with his stupid ring gear and bleached blond hair. Fatu starts no selling all Owen’s stuff so he blind tags to Diesel. Jacknife, bye Fatu. Heels up 5-to-4. Diesel then starts selling for the Kid and it’s hilarious; he wobbles around like a drunk man trying to imitate Fred Astaire in slow motion at kicking out time. He blocks a sunset flip though and its Jacknife time for Ginger Rogers, as Kid takes two massive bumps in the process of jobbing. 5-to-3 heels. Want some bitches powerbombed? Call Diesel! Sione in. Jacknife. 5-to-2 heels. Can you tell how hard Diesel was getting pushed at this point? He’s beaten three guys by himself. Davey tags in but Diesel sends him out to the floor where Owen and Jarrett attack him and a bizarre count out finishes him off. 5-to-1 heels. Razor is left all alone despite no announcement of Bulldog’s elimination. Shawn meanwhile is pouring sweat and he hasn’t even done anything! That’s how animated he is on the apron. His basic complaint is that Diesel has only eliminated four guys and not all five. How dare you not beat everyone by yourself, you selfish son of a bitch! Shawn decides he needs to take care of business himself and tags in, only to miscue on a superkick and lay out Diesel, again. Keep in mind that Razor had already been hit with the powerbomb by then. Diesel doesn’t sell it like death this time, unlike at SummerSlam where he was lying around for about 5-minutes, and instead gets into it with the entire heel team as they try to calm him down. Shawn takes a powder, gets chased by Diesel while he whales on heels, and everybody is counted out. Sole Survivor: Razor Ramon. I hate the finish but everything before that was gold. This would rubber stamp Diesel’s face turn and subsequent streak of main events for the next year. Basically he beat up everybody else in this match all by himself. You can really see Shawn Michaels’ influence as practically everyone in this match was hand-picked to not stink the joint up. We go straight backstage to see Michaels jumping into a car and throwing the tag title belt down. Consider those vacated.
Final Rating: ***½


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