Survivor Series ’95

Wildcard Match
Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon & Dean Douglas vs. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog & Sid
The WWF had started to mix up the faces and heels, hence more all heel clashes and more all face clashes. It was an attempt to reinvent the business. ECW had done something very similar with their booking except they tended to just abandon the face/heel alignment thing as the crowd didn’t boo heels and cheer faces anyway. It ended up that almost everyone was a tweener. The WWF hasn’t started blurring the lines yet, but you’ve got straight up babyface Razor on a team of heels while Shawn and Ahmed are faces teaming with two heels. Bulldog is in line for a title shot at the next PPV so there’s no way he’s jobbing here. Plus Shawn Michaels, pre-Owen head kick, is the company’s hottest property. Ahmed is making his PPV debut and he’s on a monster rookie push. For those who weren’t around in 1995; they treated Ahmed like WCW treated Goldberg when he came in. Except, the WWF’s roster was incredibly thin so he’s straight into the mix with Shawn and company. Much like Goldberg, he was unprepared for the limelight and had a habit of either injuring his opponent or himself with his sloppy moves. He had quite the life before the WWF though. He played for the Dallas Cowboys, which I’m SHOCKED Jim Ross doesn’t mention and was also in the army but got dismissed for striking his commanding officer.

Shawn and Owen start, which is sensational stuff and the reason why they ran a feud between now and Shawn’s WWF title run. It’s a shame they didn’t have more matches, but Owen’s character had suffered a lot during 1995. The stuff with Douglas sucks and Shawn blatantly doesn’t give him even 70% of what he was doing with Owen. Dean even needs saving from a moonsault press. They switch gears and work heat on Ahmed, which is a fantastically stupid idea. Ahmed can’t bump, can’t sell and has no idea what he’s doing. Razor gets into the team concept by helping out with the cheating. That is the whole point… winning! Ahmed gets a powerslam to end the heat and then throws Shawn on Douglas. I thought that was a finish considering how weak Douglas had been booked. Douglas bails on the superkick but Razor punches him and Shawn rolls him up. 4-3 Shawn’s team. Bit of an own goal from Ramon. Owen and Bulldog come in and the crowd is desperate to see them go at it, which would be an ongoing theme. They had great matches too. Bulldog, despite being a heel in line for a title shot at a face champ, still gets cheered because Owen is so hated. They decide to test the waters for Shawn and Razor. The booking of the Survivor matches helped the WWF to run a number of potential feuds to see how the crowd would react. RAZOR’S EDGE! Crowd doesn’t like that one bit and Ahmed makes the save. Perfect makes the interesting point that Shawn always teams up with big guys who can save his ass. Shawn accidentally hot tags Sid, who *slowly* roughs up Razor. Jesus Christ, Sid was getting so, so lazy towards the end of 1995. Seriously. His section just kills all the heat the match had. He even botches grabbing Razor for the chokeslam. He makes the Bad Guy look like a moron in the process. Sid encourages Shawn to come and do the “I’ll hold him here, you superkick him” routine. Has that ever worked? Shawn miscues and knocks Sid out. Bulldog runs in to make the save, for the other team (uuuurrrrrgh), only for the ref to say “f*ck it” and count the pin anyway. Thus making everybody look like a complete idiot.

Layered booking idiocy to one side; Sid is out. 3-3. Sid powerbombs Shawn before strolling off to play some softball, but no-one can take advantage. Razor’s ridiculous overselling during this whole segment is an enormous flaw. Sometimes booking requires big logic holes. Shawn’s heat segment is fantastic as he throws himself around the ring, a’la Rick Rude back in the day. Yoko then kills the match with a nerve hold. It’s a Survivor match Yoko, you sack of shit, just tag out if you’re tired. I don’t think Vince is impressed as a follow up back elbow from Yoko gets the least enthusiastic “fuhgeddabowtit” I’ve ever heard from the great man. Ahmed gets the hot tag and now it’s Owen’s turn to bump around like a madman. Ahmed applies logic however and finishes with the Pearl River Plunge. 3-2 Shawn’s team. Again, the booking of Owen involved a lot of clean jobs in ’95. It ended up hurting his stock. His matches were still awesome but no one thought he’d ever win, which is an immediate flaw for any big match. Ahmed and Razor is not good. Ahmed can’t get in position for any of the spots and Razor looks irritated because of it. Ahmed poses on the buckles, LIKE A F*CK*NG IDIOT, and gets hit with the Razor’s Edge. Bulldog strolls in, with his goddamn clown pants, and puts a beating on Razor. That brings out the Million Dollar Corporation. Kid predictably trips Razor, which sets up the running powerslam. Razor out. 3-1 Shawn’s team. The one in question is Yokozuna though and he’s bloody huge. Yoko misses the Banzai Drop, which he usually does against the much faster Shawn Michaels. Ahmed gets the hot tag and slams Yoko only for Bulldog to save the other team AGAIN. The faces clear him out and Shawn superkicks Yoko for the finish. Survivors: Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and British Bulldog. I love that Davey and Jim Cornette jump back in there to celebrate victory. The match has enormous problems, stemming from poor communication, weird booking and logic holes. But it was a fun match, which counts for a lot.
Final Rating: **¾


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