The Great American Bash 2004




Lee Maughan: This is a SmackDown! brand show reviving an old JCP/WCW event name for reasons that still elude everyone to this day (mostly in the sense that it was such an un-WWE thing to do), and one that I actually already owned on DVD, having not been motivated enough to buy it on pay-per-view at the time but masochistically wanting to check it out after hearing about how awful it was. The proceeding trip to eBay resulted in my unexpectedly being sent an original test pressing of the DVD rather than a retail copy, which I’m sure could fetch upwards of literally several pennies if I were to pass it along to a collector today.


Also of great curio is that the DVD menu is backed by an early version of what would become Mr. Kennedy’s theme. How appropriate that such a crappy theme for such a crappy wrestler would first rear its head on such a crappy show.


Hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz.

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