WrestleMania 13

Chicago Street Fight
The Nation of Domination vs. Ahmed Johnson & The Legion of Doom
This is the first incarnation of the NoD, consisting of Faarooq, Crush and Savio Vega. The Legion of Doom had just recently returned to the WWF earlier in the year and are of course Chicago natives. Ahmed on the other hand has been feuding with Faarooq and the Nation for months. I have to question the placement of this on the card, because the nature of the rules means once again it is anything goes. How can they possibly follow Bret and Austin? This would have been better earlier on, sandwiched in between some of the tedium of the earlier undercard. Still though, the crowd is hot for this because the booking of Ahmed against the Nation has been good, and because LOD are still just as over as they were in the early 90s. In a display of unity, Ahmed comes out with LOD wearing spiked shoulder pads, and he actually looks pretty fantastic in them. This is pandemonium from the start, and the rules mean that all six guys are active all the time, which makes things hard to keep up with but keeps it exciting. Animal tries a piledriver on an announce table, but bottles it and it ends up being really ugly. He uses a fire extinguisher instead. Ahmed later shows him how it is done by powerfully slamming Faarooq through a table. The only problem with this match is me, because I have seen too much since that is awfully similar. Putting it in context, nothing like this had ever really been seen in the WWF before, and certainly not at WrestleMania. One thing that probably shouldn’t be seen is the Nation wrapping a noose around Ahmed’s neck and trying to hang him. Family entertainment! In an amusing but painful looking spot, Animal belts Faarooq with a huge road sign, but Crush twats him with a wrench and Faarooq, determined to hang someone this evening, wraps the noose around Hawk’s neck. He climbs up the top for leverage while Hawk is on the outside, but Hawk recovers and bumps Faarooq off the top to the outside, which is a nasty bump. The camera pretty much missed it all though, because the director has no clue what to focus on, as so much is happening. At one point Hawk hits a double clothesline, to which Lawler says: “That was the first wrestling move I have seen all night” Yeah, well, that’s Attitude for you mate. Because they didn’t kill off everyone with breathing problems the first time, Hawk grabs the fire extinguisher and unloads the whole thing on Faarooq. Back in the ring, the LOD hit the Doomsday Device on Crush, before a double clothesline with a 2×4 finishes him off. Post match, PG-13 (the Nation’s lackeys) are on the receiving end of a DOUBLE Doomsday Device. They get hit so hard that their jewellery comes off in mid air. Card placement and desensitised eyes aside, this was a really fun brawl and absolutely perfect for what the feud needed. A straight-up six-man tag match would not have achieved anywhere near the same levels of intensity. Probably the best match Crush was ever involved in.
Final Rating: ***



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