Rebellion 2000

WWF European Championship
William Regal (c) vs. Crash Holly
Molly Holly gets a trip to England too, courtesy of being able to do spots. Despite all the efforts to get Regal booed he still walks out to a mixed reaction. Take THAT WWF! Regal manages to sell it as heel heat but there’s an actual “Regal” chant. There’s a big “welcome home Regal” banner too. “He ain’t no Hugh Grant” – JR. “Who? Who’d he ever beat?” – Tazz. There are times when Tazz cracks me up. I know he’s not technically a good announcer but if a colour guy makes me laugh then he’s doing his job. Regal gets another interview where he claims to be better than Steve Austin and The Rock and proclaims himself “the pride and joy of this country”, which finally drags heat out of the audience only to be countered by another loud “Regal” chant. You can’t force fans to make decisions sometimes, WWF. Big props to those Sheffield fans for not being told what to do. Regal counters Crash’s explosive and speedy offence with European style. Seeing as nothing else is getting him hate Regal goes to a chinlock. In a five minute match, sir! Cheap heat via restholds! If Crash thought this would be an easy ride he soon finds out different though as Regal suplexes him square on his neck, All Japan style. Regal shows a lot of ass on cheeky roll ups before dropping Crash on his face for the three but Crash has his foot on the ropes. Molly gets in there to protest, hits a missile dropkick and Crash gets the cheap win for the strap. The fans pop the title change. Regal gives both Hollys a kicking afterwards and takes the belt anyway. Well, you deserved that Molly.
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Backstage: Kurt Angle points out title changes do happen in England, appealing to Chris Benoit to watch his back. Seeing as Benoit is wrestling the Undertaker tonight, he suggests it won’t happen.

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