SummerSlam ’93

Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler
Lawler is walking out when Jack Tunney, token authority figure of the WWF, orders him back into the ring, seeing as there’s nothing actually wrong with his knee. Bret said in his shoot interview that Lawler stiffed him pretty good after the King of the Ring ceremony, so he was intent on getting his own back during this match. His first order of business is punching Jerry right in the eye. Bret’s carelessness, something he normally eschews, makes the match more entertaining than you’d expect. The madcap shenanigans continue with the crutch. Bret hits Lawler in the back of the head, but Lawler’s response is to use the broken crutch to stab Bret in the throat. All aided by Bruce and Owen Hart and ref Bill Alfonso. Check out the pantomime! BEHIND YOU! What? BEHIND YOU! The straps come down and both guys throw such wonderful looking punches, which is testament to wrestling’s simplicity. Both guys have other tools in their lockers, but they can stand there punching each other and it’s great TV. Bret locks in the Sharpshooter and Lawler quits. Bret’s receipt is to lean down on that Sharpshooter and leave the hold on for ages. Lawler is visibly hurt and either he has some of the best facial reactions in the business or his legs are killing him. A little from column A, a little from Column B. I love that officials come piling in to break the hold and CAN’T. That’s how much Lawler pissed Bret off. It was different for the WWF. Hogan had often attacked his aggressors, but he never went as far as to torture opponents like this. When Bret finally lets go, the crowd give him a nice pop… until the decision is reversed. Lawler looks pained but he’s the undisputed “King of the WWF”. The Hart boys try to attack Lawler some more only for Jack Doan to save him on a stretcher while other officials hold the Harts back. Lawler holding his hand up in victory is a thing of beauty that The Rock later lifted to piss off Ken Shamrock.
Final Rating: **½

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