Taboo Tuesday 2004



Arnold Furious: It was different. I’ll say that much about the concept for Taboo Tuesday. For starters WWE decided to run a PPV on a Tuesday, instead of the traditional Sunday night. Also it ran just sixteen days after the shoddy SmackDown! PPV No Mercy 2004, thus encouraging the fans who felt ripped off by a poor PPV with bad finishes to fork out extra cash for an experimental RAW PPV mere days later. The experiment part was interesting as they’d asked the fans to vote on stipulations and even the participants for the evening’s entertainment, mainly so the fans themselves could foot the blame if the show turned out poorly. Clearly WWE stacked certain choices to ensure they got the matches they were hoping for, but it left them with an out. As bad as WWE’s booking can get sometimes, do we really want the unwashed masses making major decisions regarding a PPV?


We’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. They’ve also got Coach hanging out to convey internet results as the evening goes on. They start by bringing out all the Divas who are fighting for the Women’s Title. The options available to the fans, regarding dress for the Divas are: nurses, French maids, and schoolgirls.


Nurses: 17%
French Maids: 30%
Schoolgirls: 53%


No surprises there, the perverts in Wisconsin vote for schoolgirls. Over on the internet… I can only presume the fans don’t know what French maids wear, as schoolgirls are the least sexy of the three choices… unless you’re a paedophile.

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