In Your House 18: Badd Blood

The Nation of Domination (The Rock, Kama Mustafa & D’Lo Brown) vs. The Legion of Doom

Ken Shamrock was supposed to be the partner of the LOD, but they ran an angle on Raw where a Faarooq spinebuster caused him to spit-up blood; his favourite WWF pastime. Thus we have a handicap tag match here, as the card continues to change around from what was originally advertised. That used to happen a lot in 1997. The numbers disadvantage shouldn’t make too much difference to the LOD, they can quite happily no-sell for three guys in the same way they can for two. Despite being outnumbered, LOD quite comfortably boss the early going, with the Rock in particular taking the brunt. Jerry Lawler for once makes a good call about, get this, match strategy, advising that LOD might be better off targeting the inexperienced D’Lo rather than Rocky. A fair point, as D’Lo had just recently graduated from unnamed scrub to wrestler in the WWF, but that doesn’t take into account the two years longer he has been in the business than the Rock, including a stint as a jobber on WWF television. The Nation isolate Animal after a Rock DDT and the numbers advantage starts to make a difference. It’s nice to see Animal taking the heat for a change because it is usually Hawk. It should be Animal more often, because he is less adverse to selling than his partner is. Rock works the majority of the heat for whatever reason, as it almost becomes a singles match you would never expect to see. In truth this section is pretty much just clubbering, with the highlight being Rock shining up his right hand for a punch to Animal’s plums. D’Lo hits his splash on Animal, but the Road Warriors don’t do clean jobs so it’s only a near fall. Hawk finally gets the hot tag after a double clothesline and the crowd wakes up for his smashmouth offence, connecting as he does with a powerslam and a neckbreaker. LOD set up the Doomsday Device but Faarooq comes out to distract and Kama kicks Hawk in the back of the head where he falls into a Rock Bottom for the three. Rock was flying in the WWF at this point and had found his way, but the booking is still strange. He gains little from beating LOD, and scrubs like Kama and D’Lo (at the time, though he became pretty good) shouldn’t be winning against one of the greatest tag teams of all time. This could have been really ugly, but it turned out to be a perfectly tolerable – yet ultimately instantly forgettable – match. It would have benefited greatly from the involvement of Ken Shamrock.

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