Backlash 2016

The Usos vs. The Hype Bros
The Usos have eliminated all the flash from their entrance since last week’s heel turn. Even JBL doesn’t approve! This match is due to American Alpha having won their way to the finals but then pulled out due to the Usos injuring Gable’s leg. So the losing semi-finalists get a second shot at the final. Mojo is out of control. His offence mostly involves him running into the Usos at high speed. Rather predictably the core of the match is heat on Ryder. Both Hype Bros do good work in their respective roles, even if Zack way oversells during the heat and then tags right back in, fresh as a daisy. Mojo gets a little over-hyped and gets run into the rail. The Usos then take apart Ryder’s knee, like with Gable, and Zack taps out. The Usos have to win the titles if the end game is American Alpha knocking them off their perch. This was fine but largely filler.
Final Rating: **


Video Control takes us backstage where Heath Slater and Rhyno are surprisingly over. Slater was getting over with me until they did the trailer park gimmick. Heath talks about his guts being all churned up and taking five dumps today. “We’re still live”. Oh dear.


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