Hell In A Cell 2015

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Kane
I don’t particularly want to see Kane getting a title shot but the angle with Korporate Kane and Demon Kane being dissociated characters has worked so well that I’m looking forward to this. Seth gets a pretty decent pop. Since when was LA such an edgy crowd? Kane might be great at playing the director of operations but he’s still a big, old guy that’s not been good in the ring for ages. The match therefore rests on Seth’s shoulders. He has to bounce around to make Kane’s dominance entertaining. Rollins is totally game for that and his offence is wild too. All fearless dives and high impact. There are a pleasing lack of rest holds and Kane looks to be in decent shape. Kane is too powerful and big to get caught in most of Seth’s potential finishing holds. When Seth attempts a Pedigree it looks ridiculous. Likewise Seth is too athletic and agile to get caught in Kane’s bigger spots, although he does eat a chokeslam. They have a pretty cool announce table spot where Rollins slips out of death by table and powerbombs Kane into the Spanish table, which refuses to break. I expect a cackling table to make an appearance on the next Botchamania. Rollins bizarrely uses the First Flash, twice, the move that pinned Cena earlier. Big Match John won’t be best pleased about that. Seth even adds in a frogsplash and can’t get the pin. Lots of love for Eddie Guerrero tonight. Pedigree finally puts Kane away and sends Korporate Kane packing from his Director of Operations job. Boo! Still this was one of Kane’s best matches in ages (since the Daniel Bryan one at Extreme Rules 2014), courtesy of Super Seth.
Final Rating: ***1/4

Video Control takes us to Rene Young, Corey Graves, Booker T and Byron Saxton to chat about the show so far. I’d take any and all of them over Jerry Lawler right now. There’s been some serious blowing off of stuff tonight, providing they don’t just carry on with all the feuds ignoring their obvious conclusions. We get clips from the Kickoff show where Cesaro, Ziggler & Neville won against Barrett, Rusev and Sheamus. Cesaro & Neville are a cracking tag team. Neville is like a better Tyson Kidd. Although I still want Cesaro to get pushed to the moon in singles. It’s long, long overdue.

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