Judgment Day 2001



Arnold Furious: Honestly, I don’t know how it happened but I’ve ended up covering three straight PPVs after WrestleMania, all of which featured Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker or some combination of said match as the main event. It’s a run of depressing and uncreative main event booking with dismal matches as a result. After the terrible main event of Backlash the WWF decided to split it into two matches here and have Austin-Taker and Hunter-Kane, therefore giving us two poor main events instead of just one. Luckily this is the show where they finally pulled the trigger on Chris Benoit’s big babyface push, though oddly enough by having him lose. Even odder is that he picked up an injury around this time, which put him on the shelf for a year. Such is wrestling. Like Steve Austin when he was about to hit the big time, Benoit fell afoul of a serious neck injury, only Benoit couldn’t exactly take the Austin route to recovery (staying on TV and knocking out authority figures).  We’re in Sacramento, California. Hosts are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

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