Survivor Series ’99

WWF Championship
Triple H (c) vs. The Rock vs. The Big Show
The Rock was perhaps the favourite coming into this, as many fans expected him to end Triple H’s run with the WWF Title here, especially with the amount of title switches that have occurred in 1999 already. The third man is unannounced until the Big Show heads out, and he is a pretty good choice after the strong reactions to him earlier, but he is not Steve Austin and certainly not comparable to him. The Rock’s reaction to Show’s music is brilliant; he looks like he just smelled something awful. Rock and Trips immediately team up to try and take Show out, but he responds with a flying double clothesline and then dominates both with his size. The WWF rather booked themselves into a corner here in a way, because Show was at his best when he was running through people, but obviously he couldn’t do that against these guys in the main event. Can you imagine the fan backlash if this only went a few minutes? Instead Show has to work the best part of 20-minutes, which doesn’t play to his strengths at all. He is in good shape here and his conditioning far superior to the 2010s when he became a semi-mobile tub of lard who would blow up after a few minutes and moved around the ring like a crippled hippo, but it still doesn’t help him look as impressive as he could be. Him wrestling the match in a t-shirt is annoying too. The solution to the problem is shortcuts, and they soon take to brawling around the arena. I guess no one else has done it tonight so it is not too bad, which is in marked contrast to some shows this year where seemingly every match would venture outside of the confines of the squared circle. During the brawl Hunter takes a really pointless bump through a random table thanks to a Rock slap, and in a horrible spot Rock uses a fire extinguisher on Big Show and misses by about a foot. Show sells it anyway. The brawl continues, with Rock taking a back suplex in the aisle from Hunter and Show sending Triple H hard into the steps. JR claims he must have banged his nose because it is swelling up and huge. Ha, amusing! Things get silly as Rock uses the ring bell on Show, and it is barely sold and garners no reaction. That’s desensitisation for you. Rock and Hunter team up again to suplex Show through the Spanish announce table, giving him a nice rest and keeping him out of the way so they can brawl into the stands. They haven’t been in the ring for a good ten minutes now. I hate matches like that. When they do make it back to the ring, an Irish whip reversal causes an accidental ref bump, which is a spot I hate as I have said elsewhere. Rock hits the Rock Bottom and Shane flies down the aisle to act as referee, because God forbid a main event in 1999 doesn’t have McMahon family involvement. Rock hits it again, and Show pulls Shane out to prevent the count. Show takes Rock out on the outside so he can have a prolonged selling and resting session, and then gives Triple H the “biggest damn biel” that JR ever saw. He has been excessive in putting over Show’s size in this, rather telegraphing that he is going to win the thing. Trips takes issue with Shane and drills him with the Pedigree, then gets taken out himself. DX run in to brawl with Show and Rock, and the crowd start to loudly chant for Austin. Sorry folks, not tonight. Vince McMahon then heads down the aisle and swings the WWF Title at Hunter, but misses, then connects the second time he tries before Show nails the chokeslam and Vince counts the three for Show’s first WWF Title. “Vince screwed Triple H” yells JR, because it is Survivor Series and we have to reference Montreal every year. Show breaks down in tears as he celebrates his win and we go off the air. The match was full of shortcuts, lots of “walking brawling” where they don’t do a whole lot but pretend that they are, and an overbooked finish that people weren’t quite 100% sure was official because Vince made the count. It was not bad, but as a match it was instantly forgettable other than the title change, and Show dropped the title back to Hunter within a few weeks anyway and was soon shunted back down to the midcard after a few months as a top guy. It would be a pattern that he continued to follow for the rest of his career.
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